Thursday, May 24, 2012

My New Coffee Addiction

Perfect Cup of Espresso

This is my newest addiction and it is pretty simple to make. I dream about it at night and get excited to wake up just to make it! Whats even better is that I am not spending six bucks on coffee every morning from Starbucks and that makes me extremely happy!

 What you need:
a splash of milk
a splash of creamer
a teaspoon of splenda
top it off with some whip cream
pour a little caramel across the top!

You only need a little because the espresso is really strong! I make my espresso using" illy" Italian espresso purchased from world market but any espresso of your choosing should work. I use the stovetop method to make the espresso but really any espresso maker you have will work I have just tried a bunch of the fancy ones and I like my simple Bialetti the best :)

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