Thursday, May 24, 2012

My New Coffee Addiction

Perfect Cup of Espresso

This is my newest addiction and it is pretty simple to make. I dream about it at night and get excited to wake up just to make it! Whats even better is that I am not spending six bucks on coffee every morning from Starbucks and that makes me extremely happy!

 What you need:
a splash of milk
a splash of creamer
a teaspoon of splenda
top it off with some whip cream
pour a little caramel across the top!

You only need a little because the espresso is really strong! I make my espresso using" illy" Italian espresso purchased from world market but any espresso of your choosing should work. I use the stovetop method to make the espresso but really any espresso maker you have will work I have just tried a bunch of the fancy ones and I like my simple Bialetti the best :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Make your home your own....

This is the best design quote I have come across in a long time. So many of the people I meet want their homes to be a showpiece for others to adore. I say fill your home with the pieces that bring you good memories and the people you love. This is how you end up with a personal style that far exceeds anything you could have bought at an expensive store.

Today I Blog

Today I decided to start blogging. I have owned a retail store "Styles in Textiles" for the past six years customizing in fabulous custom draperies. About a year and a half ago I had my first child a beautiful little girl named Stella. As most mothers find out very quickly our priorities change and all the sudden the urge to stay closer to home and not be tied to the store grew quickly. Since the economy is in no shape to make anyone rich I figured moving to an in home design business could merge the best of both worlds. Today was one of my first days working from home and I feel it was very productive. Although I usually have a spot for my creative energy like store displays, store windows, entryways etc. but now that I will be at home with less human interaction on a day to day basis I figured this was the perfect way to share all my ideas with the world. I love what I do with my drapery design but my creativity runs far deeper. Now with more time on my hands I hope to be tackling all of those pinterest projects I've been pinning.....haha! So even though I am doubtful that may not happen I would love for you to follow along and see exactly what I come up with from designs, to crafts, to saving money, tackling motherhood and making it all seem STYLISH!